This passage talks about good habits to practice when going camping.

Lexile Level: 780L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Whether you camp in the wilderness or in an RV campground, a good saying to remember is, "Take only pictures. Leave only footprints." In other words, leave things just as you found them, unless your campsite is dirty. If so, take any garbage out with you, including your own. Nobody likes a messy campsite. Use earth-friendly soap if you wash dishes, and don't dump dishwater into freshwater streams. If you're in the wilderness, don't try to bring home plants, rocks, or flowers. Let other people enjoy them too. Many wilderness areas don't allow campfires. Take a lightweight camping stove for cooking and a lantern for light. If fires are allowed, build only a small one and be sure to put it out completely. Scatter the ashes after they completely cool. Never feed wild animals, and don't go near them, no matter how cute you think they are! It can damage their health and change their behavior.


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