This passage talks about a game played outdoors called geocaching.

Lexile Level: 740L

Categories: Sports & Health Science & Technology

Geocaching is a treasure-hunting game played outdoors. People play it all over the world. Participants must use a Global Positioning System, known as a GPS. A GPS is a satellite navigation system that tells people exactly where they are. Participants also use the Internet. They find GPS coordinates online. The coordinates tell the player exactly where the "cache," or treasure, is located. When the players find the treasure with the help of their hand-held GPS, they either leave it there or hide it in a new location. They then go online and post the new coordinates for other cache-hunters to find. People enjoy geocaching for many reasons. They like the sense of adventure they get from treasure-hunting. Others enjoy seeing new parts of the world. Some families go geocaching together. They combine exercise with quality family time. It is an inventive way to combine modern technology with outdoor sports. Even though players don't find treasures that are worth a lot of money, the sense of success and adventure makes them feel very rich.


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