Legend of Arachne

This passage discusses the myth of Arachne.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: Classics & Literature

Many Greek myths are about humans who try to be equal to gods. Challenging the gods was always unwise. The Greeks called this kind of pride "hubris." In the myths, hubris brought misery to many human beings. For instance, in the story of Arachne, pride brings a young woman's downfall. Arachne was thought to be the finest weaver in the world. She boasted that she was better than the goddess and weaver, Minerva. When Minerva heard about Arachne's boast she was angry. She challenged the peasant girl to a contest. Minerva was infuriated when the contest revealed that Arachne's talent was equal to hers. The goddess beat and humiliated the girl. Just before Arachne died, Minerva took pity on her and changed her into a spider. As a spider, Arachne could go on weaving forever. Hubris had sealed Arachne's fate.

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