The Marrakesh Market

This passage is about a well-known outdoor market in the city of Marrakesh in Morocco.

Lexile Level: 830L

Categories: People & Places

Have you ever gone to an outdoor market? One of the most exciting outdoor markets is in Africa. Morocco, a country in northern Africa, is famous for the exciting Marrakesh Market. Some of the things sold at the market are very common. Nuts, juices, fruits, and vegetables are always popular market items. The market also specializes in herbal medicines. These medicines made from plants are thought to cure anything from the common cold to a fear of heights. People come to the market from great distances in order to get this medicine. Another popular attraction at the market is the snake charmers. Snake charmers attempt to hypnotize the snakes by playing musical instruments. They also hold the snakes and perform tricks with them. The most common types of snakes used are cobras or vipers. Another attraction is the monkey trainers. Passersby can get their pictures taken while holding these monkeys. Whether you want to buy fresh vegetables, watch a snake charmer, or hold a monkey, the Morocco Marrakesh Market is the place to go!

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