Greek Gods

This passage describes the Greek gods and how the ancient Greeks believed they controlled destinies.

Lexile Level: 860L

Categories: Classics & Literature

Throughout the centuries, poetry, novels, and plays have referenced the Greek gods and goddesses. It is easy to think of these myths as mere fantasies. But to the ancient Greeks, the gods were not fictions. The Greeks believed it was extremely important to keep their whimsical rulers happy. The gods controlled the wind, the weather, the sun, and even human destiny. The Greeks offered fat and wine to the gods in festivals. It was said the gods sometimes visited the mortal realm disguised as beggars. The Greeks upheld intricate rules of hospitality in which they were required to welcome needy strangers into their homes. Unfortunately, the gods could be petty, unpredictable, and cruel. Their lives were eternal, and they became bored easily. They argued among themselves or meddled in the lives of humans. Holding the favor of one god almost always meant that another would work against you. Only the luckiest survived without trouble from the immortals.

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