This passages discusses the Greek god of the sun, Apollo.

Lexile Level: 800L

Categories: Classics & Literature

Apollo was the Greek god of the sun. Of all the gods, he was probably the most beloved. The Greeks believed that Apollo crossed the sky in a golden chariot each day. His light enabled humans to see. He was also the god of truth. The Greeks built a temple for Apollo at Delphi. The priestess at Delphi was called an oracle. It was believed that she could tell the future. Because she was Apollo's priestess, she could only speak truth. In many Greek myths, heroes visit the oracle at Delphi in order to hear their destiny. For instance, the oracle warned Oedipus' father, Laius, that his own son would murder him. Laius sent his child to another kingdom when he was born, thinking he could defy fate. But years later, Oedipus returned, and accidentally murdered Laius when he mistook him for a bandit on the road. In another story, it is said that the oracle at Delphi was the first to acknowledge the brilliance of Socrates.

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