This passage talks about downhill mountain bike racing.

Lexile Level: 990L

Categories: Sports & Health

Downhill mountain bike racing is an exciting sport. Races take place on bare ski slopes in the off season. Downhill racers ride the chair lift to the top of the run. Their bikes ride up with them, attached to the back of the chairs by special brackets. Once the racers reach the top, they wait for their turn to start down the mountain. Downhill mountain bike racers head down one at a time at two-minute intervals. Racing the clock, each rider is timed from the moment he or she leaves the starting gate until the rider crosses the finish line at the bottom. Downhill race courses don't go straight down the mountain. They wind their way through woods, over rocks and roots, and usually include drop-offs where riders can "catch air." Some courses even include sections where riders have to pedal uphill. That can be difficult because downhill mountain bikes are much heavier than regular bikes.

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