This passage talks about a type of exercise called isometrics.

Lexile Level: 960L

Categories: Sports & Health

Isometric exercise is a kind of physical activity involving little to no movement. With isometric exercise, a muscle or muscles are flexed, and the position is simply held for a certain length of time, such as ten seconds. The exercise is then repeated, usually five to ten times, before resting. You would be performing an isometric exercise if you placed the palms of each of your hands together and pushed them against each other. Another example is to tense the muscles in your legs and then hold them steady. Isometric exercises are often used as a part of strength training. Because they are considered very safe, they also can be used in some types of physical therapy. No special equipment is required. One big advantage of isometric exercises is that you can do them anywhere. In fact, you could do an isometric exercise while you are reading this, without attracting any attention!


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