This passage describes what happens when a person gets a tattoo.

Lexile Level: 970L

Categories: Sports & Health

A tattoo is a permanent design or mark made on the skin with colored ink. To make a tattoo, the tattooist must rupture the skin, usually with needles, so that the ink can be injected. It is also possible to create a tattoo without ink by causing scars to appear on the skin in a certain pattern. Tattoos may consist of words, pictures, or designs. They may concern anything from religion to hobbies. Someone who wants a tattoo may want a small butterfly on the ankle. Someone else may want an entire battle scene across the back. It is possible to cover every inch of a person's body with tattoos. It is even possible to tattoo red ink onto a woman's mouth, giving her permanent make-up. Tattoos can be removed with lasers, but the process is difficult. Temporary tattoos, or body decals, are an option for anyone who does not want something permanent.


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