Louis Armstrong

This passage is about famous jazz musician, Louis Armstrong.

Lexile Level: 1170L

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Louis Armstrong's childhood was plagued with poverty and loss. In his rough New Orleans neighborhood, Louis got into trouble. He was sent to live in the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs, where he learned to play the cornet. Many adults would have given up on a wayward youth like Louis Armstrong, but a seasoned jazz musician noticed Louis's musical talent. Joe "King" Oliver invited Louis to play trumpet in his orchestra on riverboats. Armstrong referred to his years in Oliver's "Fate Marable" band as "going to the University" because he learned so much from his fellow musicians like King Oliver. In 1925, he recorded his own hit records like "Stardust", "What a Wonderful World", "Dream a Little Dream of Me", "Ain't Misbehavin", and "Stompin' at the Savoy." Armstrong died of a stroke in 1971. As one of the most famous jazz musicians of the 20th century, Armstrong transformed the role of jazz soloist into a popular art form.


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