South African Dance Center

This passage discusses the creation of a dance center in a small town in South Africa.

Lexile Level: 930L

Categories: People & Places Art & Music

In 2002, a man named Philip Boyd did something very important. He started a dance education center in the small township of Guguletu, South Africa. Philip Boyd was a principal, or main, ballet dancer with the Cape Town Ballet in South Africa. He loved dancing and wanted to spread his joy to the children in this town. At first, the dance center only taught ballet. Now the center has grown and there are also jazz, African dance, musical theater, and contemporary dance classes. Dancing is a way to build confidence and self-respect. For the children of South Africa, it can also provide a way to a better life. Talented, young dancers might be able to receive a scholarship to attend school in another, safer country. Today, about 600 children attend the dance center, which is called Dance For All. The center provides a safe place for the children to gain skills, make friends, and just dance for the fun of it.


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