Sunlight and Our Health

This passage describes how being outside exposed to the sun can be good for our health.

Lexile Level: 900L

Categories: Sports & Health Science & Technology

It is important to protect ourselves from the sun's strong rays. But scientists say that doesn't mean we should stay indoors. The sun's ultra-violet (UV) rays can damage our skin. Indeed, they are a major cause of melanoma, or skin cancer. However, we still need sunlight. The sun helps us maintain a necessary nutrient, vitamin D. Many scientists believe that exposure to sunlight also regulates our circadian rhythms. Circadian cycles happen every twenty-four hours. Scientists say they might determine when we want to sleep and eat. Some scientists believe that exposure to sunlight triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that make us sleepy or hungry. Without a proper amount of sunlight, our circadian rhythms can falter. This can lead to problems like sleep-deprivation or over-eating. For this reason, many doctors recommend that we spend ample time outdoors each day.

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