Amelia Earhart

This passage discusses Amelia Earhart, the famous female pilot who disappeared while flying her plane.

Lexile Level: 230L

Categories: History People & Places Adventure

Amelia Earhart loved airplanes. She loved to fly. When Amelia flew, she made history. She was very brave. Her trips began in 1928. She became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1932, she went again. This time she wasn't a passenger. She was the pilot. No one went with her. Her trip was successful. She became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic alone. Amelia also broke records. Her trip was under 14 hours. Incredible! In 1935, Amelia flew from Hawaii to California alone. No one had done that. It was another first. Everyone was proud of Amelia. Back then, flying was dangerous. In 1937, Amelia started a trip around the world. It was a long and difficult flight. Amelia didn't finish it. She disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. No one knows what happened to her plane. Her trip around the world was her last adventure.

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