Going to the Dentist

This passage describes a little girl's fears about going to the dentist.

Lexile Level: 190L

Categories: Sports & Health

Patty's tooth hurt. It has hurt for almost a week now. She knew what that meant. She would have to see the dentist. A trip to the dentist wouldn't be fun. Her sister had gone two weeks ago. She came home and cried. Patty was scared. The dentist would make it hurt more. What could she do? Her mother said it would be okay. The dentist was nice. He would make her tooth feel better. Then Patty remembered something. Her sister had something in her pocket last week. It was a mood ring. Patty asked where she got it. She said from the dentist. He gave it to her for being brave. He had a chest of toys in his office. Only brave kids could pick from it. Patty wanted a mood ring too. She thought she could be brave. She would go to the dentist. He would fix her tooth. And she would get a reward.

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