Trip to the Ballpark

This passage describes a little boy's first visit to a ballpark to see a baseball game.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Nick couldn't wait to get to the ballpark. He had never seen a baseball game before. He only watched games on TV. Today, it would be the real thing. His dad got great seats too. They would have a great view of his favorite player. Derek Jeter was Nick's favorite player. He couldn't wait to get to his seat. Before they sat down, they went to get some food. His dad asked what he wanted. Nick said he'd have a hot dog, a bag of popcorn, and a soda. They got their food quickly. Then they passed a stand that sold souvenirs. Nick's dad wanted to get him something special. It would be a special day. He wanted Nick to remember it. So they stopped at the stand. Nick's dad bought him a new Yankee cap and an official jersey. It had Derek Jeter's number on it. He was number 2. Nick was so excited! And the best part was still to come.

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