Winning the Game

This passage describes the anxiety a boy feels over making the game-winning shot in a basketball game.

Lexile Level: 330L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

He walked up to the foul line. Justin began to sweat. The pressure was on. His team was counting on him. He had to make this shot. If the ball went in, he would win the championship for his team. If he missed, he would have to face his disappointed teammates in the locker room after the game. Justin knew he could do this. He had done it so many times. But today was different. It was for the championship. He would be a hero if he could just make this one basket. Justin imagined the ball going into the basket. He could hear the roar of the crowd in his ears. Justin bounced the ball. He bounced it again. Then he bounced it two more times. He took one step forward, raised up on his toes, and shot.

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