This passage talks about a girl's fishing trip with her grandfather.

Lexile Level: 360L

Categories: Sports & Health

Melissa loved spending time with her grandfather. He told good stories. He made her laugh, too. One of his favorite things to do was go fishing. He tried to get her to go with him. But she always refused. Fishing was for boys. Fish ate worms. She would have to touch a worm if she went fishing. There was no way she was touching a worm! Yuck! But her grandfather fished a lot. So one day, Melissa decided she would try it. But she would only do it once. They went fishing on a bright Sunday afternoon. Melissa's grandfather baited her hook so she wouldn't have to touch any worms. He helped her throw her line in the water. Then, they waited for a bite. While they waited, they talked. Her grandfather told funny stories about when he was her age. They laughed and splashed each other. It was a great day. Melissa decided fishing wasn't so bad. She would go with her grandfather whenever he asked her from now on.

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