King George III

This passage discusses King George III of England, also known sometimes as "Mad King George."

Lexile Level: 1020L

Categories: History People & Places

George III was the king of Great Britain and Ireland during the American Revolution. He lived from June 4, 1738 to January 29, 1820. The most important historical event during his reign was the United States winning the American Revolutionary War and forming a new country. Also during his reign, Great Britain and Ireland were joined together and dubbed the United Kingdom. He held the throne from 1760 to 1820, a term only exceeded by his granddaughter, Queen Victoria. In the 1780s and again in 1801, he suffered from mental illness and is sometimes known as "Mad King George." He was also very interested in agriculture and for this he is also called "Farmer George." He recovered from the bouts of mental illness, but by 1810, he was blind and unable to fulfill his duties as king. His eldest son ruled at this time. When George III died, his eldest son then became King George IV.

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