This passage discusses the importance of good communication skills.

Lexile Level: 1020L

Categories: Sports & Health

Communication skills are important to almost every aspect of our lives. Good communication bolsters our relationships with friends and family and creates greater efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. Despite the important role of communication, many people hold inaccurate beliefs concerning the fundamentals of good communication. For instance, some people believe that when two people are in a healthy relationship they should not have to voice their needs and perceptions. This could not be further from the truth. Even people who know each other extremely well cannot count on mind-reading to provide effective communication. We must feel free to voice our needs and perspectives to those who are close to us. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain healthy, positive relationships. Another common belief is that conflict is a sign of trouble in a relationship. However, research finds that conflict is nearly impossible to avoid in any type of relationship. Those who can accept and manage conflict will find themselves in healthier and more rewarding relationships.


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