Record Labels

This passage discusses the daily business that goes on at a record label.

Lexile Level: 1090L

Categories: Art & Music

Many singers and musicians dream of being signed by a record label. A record label is a company that produces and distributes recorded music. Some large corporations own many different record labels that operate as separate companies. Some labels, known as independents, do not report to larger corporations. Record labels are divided into different divisions or departments. Each department is assigned a specific role in developing musical products. For instance, the Arts and Repertoire department of a record label is responsible for locating new performers. Members of this department spend much of their time listening to demo CDs and traveling to search for undiscovered talent. The Art Department is responsible for creating any visual artwork that might be needed for the label. Some of the labels' artistic needs might include art for CD covers and advertising posters. Other departments within a label's organization might include Business Affairs, Promotion and Publicity, Legal Affairs, and Sales. It is surprising to some that so many individuals are working behind the scenes to promote the careers of commercial musicians.


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