This passage is about the different types of pets people can have and how to take care of them.

Lexile Level: 1010L

Categories: Animals & Nature

More than half of American families have at least one pet. Cats and dogs are popular animals to own, but pets can also be birds, hamsters, fish, lizards, turtles, and many others animals. Many Americans own pets because pets are very good friends. Some pets even provide a service, such as guide dogs that help their blind owners walk around safely. Pets need lots of love and care. They must have plenty of food and water and a warm, dry place to sleep at night. Pets sometimes must go to the doctor to get shots and other treatments that protect them from getting sick. A doctor that cares for animals is called a veterinarian, or "vet" for short. Animals depend on humans for everything, much like children depend on their parents. Many pets end up in animal shelters because taking care of an animal is more work than the owner thought it would be.

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