This passage describes a little boy's love for baseball.

Lexile Level: 1050L

Categories: Sports & Health

Peter pressed his nose against the cool window pane. Outside, rain doused his backyard, which is usually transformed each day at this time into a baseball diamond, allowing him and his neighborhood buddies to be major leaguers for a few hours. The magic of such an afternoon will not come today, but the disappointment does not lessen his passion for the game. As he stares at the splash of each raindrop, the elements that wash away his hopes for the day water his fondness of the sport. He thinks of afternoons gone by, the diving catches and big hits. Even in his thoughts, he feels the bat as it makes contact. The sensation of a ball striking the leather of his mitt has never been more real. It is here by the window on this rainy day that his desire for the game grows stronger. It is this rainy day that brings him his first lesson of love.


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