This passage describes the art of judo.

Lexile Level: 1160L

Categories: Sports & Health

The idea of a gentle fight seems contradictory. However, in 1882, Jigoro Kano developed the martial art of judo, which is based on the idea of gentleness as a way of life. Judo is one of the few martial arts that includes neither kicks nor punches. Instead, those practicing judo seek to diffuse the strength and energy of their opponents. For example, a student of judo, sometimes referred to as a judoka, would not return the punches of an attacker. Instead, the judoka would avoid the opponent's punches and then throw, pin, or choke the attacker into submission. The absence of sharp blows makes judo a very safe competitive sport for the young and old alike. Judo favors peacefulness over violence, and teaches students to achieve maximum effectiveness through efficient actions.


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