Fast Food

This passage describes the serving technique developed many years ago that fast food restaurants use today to prepare our food quickly.

Lexile Level: 1190L

Categories: History

Five decades ago, Richard and Maurice McDonald applied assembly line strategies to their drive-in restaurant in southern California and changed the food industry forever. Their approach, which they called the Speedee Service System, created separate stations for each stage of food preparation. On a large grill, one employee could grill dozens of hamburger patties at a time. At the dressing station, the "prepper" added condiments and buns. Another employee produced large volumes of french fries at the fryer station. Yet another employee focused on the preparation of sodas and milkshakes. The final component was the cashier who handled the monetary exchanges with the high volume of customers the restaurant could accommodate. The system was so effective that millions of people were fed each day at fast-food restaurants that still continue to utilize variations of the Speedee Service System.

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