This passage discusses the ability our bodies have to sweat and how sweating is helpful to our bodies.

Lexile Level: 1130L

Categories: Sports & Health

Many people do not appreciate their sweat as they should. Without sweat, humans would overheat during the slightest amount of activity or excitement. As sweat, also known as perspiration, evaporates, it pulls heat away from the body. The average person has about two-and-a-half million sweat glands that can produce up to a liter of sweat per hour in most climates. However, when people spend extended time in hot climates, their bodies learn to produce even more perspiration, as much as three liters per hour! After working out, people sometimes detect a thin, salty coating covering their bodies. This is because perspiration is composed of water, potassium, sodium, and chloride. When the water evaporates, significant quantities of sodium and chloride, the elements of salt, are left on the skin.


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