Camping Trip

This passage describes what happens when a boy gets caught in an ice storm while camping.

Lexile Level: 1130L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Kenny was alone in the dark, and he was cold. What had started as the first nice weekend of spring had now become a wintry storm, complete with freezing rain that formed ice as it collected along the roof of his tent. He thought that if he left the tent and gathered some wood, he might be able to peel the bark off to reveal dry wood to start a fire. The problem was that if he failed to start a fire, then he'd be cold and wet, which was much worse than his current state, cold and dry. He decided to stay inside and bundle up as well as he could. He had an extra sweatshirt, which he wrapped around his head to slow the escape of whatever body heat he could muster. Then he ripped pages from his notebook and crumpled them into makeshift gloves. All that was left to do was lie back, picture one of his mother's warm, homemade pies, and hope for the best.


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