Independent Films

This passage discusses the appeal of independent films as opposed to big studio releases.

Lexile Level: 1280L

Categories: Art & Music

Independent films are also known as "indies." These films are written and produced without the interference of big studios, so that the vision and ideas of the producer and director are present throughout the entire film. Often, if a large studio is involved, the ideas of the creators may be affected by studios that want to make sure the film will be popular and make lots of money. Independent filmmakers are not as concerned with making money as they are about making a film that captures a certain idea or theme, however unique that might be. Today, independent films are much more popular than they used to be. Each year, the Sundance Film Festival in Utah premiers independent films to the public, creating interest among moviegoers once the films are released. The festival gives out awards for the best dramas and documentaries, as well as for directing, writing, and other categories.


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