Marty's Band

This passage describes the excitement of a guy named Marty as his band prepares to play for the first time for an audience and get paid for it.

Lexile Level: 1210L

Categories: Art & Music

This was the night Marty and the Milk Duds had been waiting for. They had been holding marathon practice sessions in Jason Tweedy's garage for the last month to prepare for their performance at Meg Friar's sweet sixteen party, and tonight it would all pay off. They had added six new songs to their repertoire in preparation, and the Friars were going to give them each ten dollars for playing at the party. While there might be bands playing at larger venues around the world, the night could not be any more important to Marty Hedgeway. Being paid to perform meant that the Milk Duds were no longer just a few guys clowning around on some instruments. Now they would be bona fide professional musicians.


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