Blisters and Calluses

This passage discusses how to prevent getting blisters and calluses on your body, especially on your hands and feet.

Lexile Level: 790L

Categories: Sports & Health

It doesn't take long to get a blister. If you've ever worn a pair of shoes that don't fit quite right, in a few hours you'll notice a patch of raised skin with a watery substance on the inside. The worst part is that blisters hurt. If you don't treat them, calluses can form. Calluses are patches of hard skin that sometimes hurt. It's easy to prevent blisters and calluses. Protect the areas of your skin that might need it. For your feet, wear socks and comfortable shoes. If you plan to be raking leaves, wear gloves. Even with the best intentions, most people will get a blister at some point. If you do get a blister, keep the area clean and covered and don't put any pressure on it. Until your blister heals, wear shoes that are comfortable and don't irritate the blister. If the blister is red or oozing, it may be infected. If that's the case, call your doctor.

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