This passage discusses the Belgian involvement in World War I.

Lexile Level: 950L

Categories: History People & Places

Belgium was a neutral country at the start of World War I. On August 4, 1914, Germany invaded Belgium in order to attack France. From then on, Belgium was the scene of many battles. Many people were killed there during the war, and many Belgians suffered under German occupation. Outraged by the violation of Belgian neutrality, Great Britain declared war on Germany. Great Britain had been a neutral country until Germany invaded Belgium. German atrocities in Belgium were publicized. This played a role in turning United States' opinion against Germany. The Belgians put up more resistance to German invasion than expected. The king of Belgium, Albert I, led the Belgian army in France and the small unoccupied part of Belgium. He fought against the Germans for the entire war. In 1918, he led the offensive that recovered the Belgian coast. After the war, Germany signed a treaty that gave two cities, Eupen and Malmedy, to Belgium.


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