Service Dogs

This passage describes all of the different tasks that service dogs can perform.

Lexile Level: 1260L

Categories: Animals & Nature

While many people are familiar with guide dogs that assist those who are blind or visually impaired in their daily activities, the larger category of service dogs is less familiar. A service dog may assist someone with hearing loss by alerting him or her to sounds. A mobility assistance dog could pull a wheelchair or support a person who needs help navigating his or her environment. A seizure alert/response dog could warn of an impending seizure and help a person to get medical treatment. There are even psychiatric assistance dogs that will provide support and assistance to people with mental disabilities such as agoraphobia or autism. A service dog can perform many tasks, depending on a person's disability or needs. If you see a service dog with its owner, you need to remember that the dog is working and performing important tasks for its owner. The services that these dogs provide make it possible for many people to do things that would otherwise be impossible.

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