This passage discusses how wind helps to create electrical power.

Lexile Level: 1000L

Categories: Science & Technology

Wind power transforms the natural energy of the wind into electricity or other forms of power. A turbine is used in this process. Rotating turbine blades turn a generator, which produces electricity. Some people call these turbines windmills. Technically, a windmill is a device that turns wind energy into mechanical energy. People have used windmills for centuries to grind grain or pump water. While wind power is only used to generate a tiny fraction of the electricity used around the globe, some countries in Europe use a significant amount. Also, use of wind power is growing every year as people try to find ways to produce energy that does not pollute. Some places, called wind farms, have many turbines in one place. These wind farms can generate a lot of electricity. Because wind power is freely available and does not generate pollution, it will only become more popular.

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