Endangered Species

This passage discusses the different species on the endangered species list.

Lexile Level: 1020L

Categories: Animals & Nature

When a certain type of animal or living organism dies off completely, it is called "extinct," and it will never again exist on Earth. Most people don't like to see this happen. In the United States, there is a list for endangered species. The list contains the names of those organisms that need protection because they are in danger of dying out. Currently, there are 279 species on the list. They include certain types of butterflies, bats, beetles, toads, flowers, fish, and many other animals. Once an organism is placed on the list, it is against the law to harm it in any way. The endangered species list has saved many organisms from extinction. Some years ago, the bald eagle was placed on the endangered species list, and today it is doing very well and thriving in many areas. The bald eagle is doing so well that government officials are considering removing it from the endangered species list.

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