Free Throws

This passage describes a boy trying to make twenty free throws in a row.

Lexile Level: 1040L

Categories: Sports & Health

Jeremy decided to practice his free throws until he made twenty in a row. Twice he made fifteen free throws, only to miss his sixteenth attempt. Then he had several short strings that ended in single digits as the ball clanged against the loose metal rim of the goal in his driveway. Two hours into his practice, he had come close several times, but had not managed to make twenty in a row. As the sky darkened, the chill of the autumn night increased. Jeremy had been practicing so much lately that small cracks had formed on his fingertips. These cracks were now widening and beginning to ache as he strived to run off twenty free throws in a row. Several times he thought of giving up and put off his goal for another day. However, he forced himself to stay at it, even as the goal became barely visible through the darkness.

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