This passage describes a boy's attempt at fishing.

Lexile Level: 1000L

Categories: Sports & Health Animals & Nature

Joshua had seen the old man pull up one crab after another. The man had a large roll of twine. At the free end was a rusty hook onto which he'd stick a large slab of bacon. Then he'd toss the bacon-loaded hook over the end of the pier. Within minutes, he'd start bringing the twine back in, one arm-length of twine at a time, slowly, careful not to dislodge the crab that had its large claws clamped into the bacon. The saltwater that had filled the man's bucket splashed over the rim as he dropped in each new crab. Joshua had had no luck himself. He had hoped to reel in a number of flounder on the new saltwater rig his parents had given him for his birthday. However, as the sun began to sink behind the dunes, he hadn't brought in a single fish.


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