Keeping the Band Together

This passage describes the arguing going on among members of a band.

Lexile Level: 1150L

Categories: Art & Music

Eric hoped the band could stay together, but the tension between Sonia and Antonio seemed to grow by the hour. Sonia's keyboard and Antonio's bass were cornerstones of the band, and before their falling out, the duo had written the majority of the band's original songs. After the band's practice last week, Eric had talked with Sonia and Antonio, hoping he could help the two of them patch things up. However, neither of them had shared anything beyond contempt for the other. They had eventually agreed to continue attending rehearsals in Eric's garage, but only under the condition that they did not have to speak to each other. With all the negative tension, Eric was surprised that the band had managed to keep producing quality music. He hoped they could make it through the Halloween party gig without things falling apart.


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