Henry's First Dog

This passage describes the story of a boy's first dog.

Lexile Level: 460L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Henry had waited a long time to get a dog. He had first asked for one when he was seven. His mom and dad said that he wasn't ready. They said taking care of a dog was a big responsibility. They said he needed to be older. Henry asked for a dog on his eighth birthday. His mom and dad said he was still too young. They let Henry have a hamster instead. On his ninth birthday, Henry said there was only one present he really wanted, a dog. Just like the other times, his mom and dad said he'd have to wait. But this time they made him a promise. They said he could get a dog on his tenth birthday. Now, his tenth birthday was only five days away. Henry felt older. He felt more responsible. He understood why his mom and dad had made him wait. Henry was finally ready.


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