This passage describes a girl's extreme dislike for snakes.

Lexile Level: 480L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Josie hated snakes. She didn't just dislike them. She absolutely hated them. Big snakes, little snakes, in-between snakes, it didn't matter to Josie. She hated them all. She hated snakes more than anything. She would rather swallow a bug or cuddle up with a skunk than be near a snake. Josie didn't like to look at snakes. She didn't like to talk about them. She didn't even like to hear other people talking about snakes. One time, some boys were talking about snakes in school, and Josie had to walk away. Even the thought of snakes made Josie nervous. Her dad told her that snakes wouldn't hurt her. He said they were an important part of nature. He told her that snakes help control the rodent population. Josie thought about that for a minute. Maybe snakes weren't all bad, she decided. After all, she hated mice, too.


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