This passage discusses different facts about spiders.

Lexile Level: 480L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Spiders have enemies. Birds, snakes, lizards, frogs, and fish eat spiders. Humans kill spiders too. Spiders do different things to protect themselves. They escape. They can move to another part of the web. They can drop down on a bit of newly-spun silk. Spiders hide to protect themselves. They use color to blend in with dirt, trees, and grass. Most spiders are brown, black, or green. Spiders scare people. Spiders look creepy and dangerous. But most spiders are harmless. In fact, spiders are usually just as scared of humans. Think about how much taller humans are than spiders. Some spiders do have a weapon. That weapon is venom. Venom is a type of poison. That poison is released when a spider bites an enemy. Most spider bites will not hurt people. But the black widow and brown recluse are two kinds of dangerous spiders. Their bites can make people very sick.

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