This passage discusses the ocean and its different parts.

Lexile Level: 470L

Categories: Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water. Large bodies of water are called oceans. There are five major oceans. Oceans are made up of saltwater. They are divided into layers. The sunlight zone is the top layer of the ocean. This layer is warm and bright. Algae grow in the sunlight zone. Animals come up from deeper layers to eat the algae and other food. The next layer is the twilight zone. There is little sunlight in this layer. Very few animals and plants live here. The eyes on fish in this zone are larger. They need big eyes to absorb the dim light and see other animals. The midnight zone is completely dark. This deep, the temperature is always just above freezing. The only light comes from the glowing bodies of animals. This is called bioluminescence.


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