This passage discusses bats and how they live.

Lexile Level: 450L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Bats are flying animals. Bats are the only flying mammals. A mammal is a type of animal. People are mammals. Mammals have hair and breathe air. There are lots of different types of bats. Most bats eat bugs. Bats come in different sizes. One type of bat weighs as much as a dime. Another type of bat is almost three pounds. Generally, bats sleep in the day. They fly around at night. The bodies of most bats are covered in fur. A bat's body looks somewhat like the body of a mouse. Some think that bats are blind. This is not true. Bats can see. They also have amazing hearing. They use their hearing to locate things. A bat will make a high-pitched noise, and the noise bounces off an object. By hearing the sound bounce, the bat can locate the object. A bat's hearing is so strong that it can tell how big or small an object is just by sound. Some bats live in trees. Other bats live in caves.

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