This passage is about a boy who builds his own treehouse.

Lexile Level: 570L

Categories: Adventure

Josh's treehouse wasn't big, but it was well made. Josh built it all by himself. He used lumber that was left over from when his dad built the garage. He asked his dad if he could borrow some hand tools. His dad said it was okay as long as he used them safely and didn't leave them laying around. Josh used his own money to buy nails. He found plans for a treehouse at the hardware store. Josh worked on his treehouse all summer long. Josh wanted to do a good job, so he worked slowly and carefully. He made sure he measured right. He made sure his cuts were straight. And he was especially careful to pound the nails all the way in. When Josh was finished, he had the nicest treehouse on the block. He was proud of his work. And Josh's dad was very proud of him.

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