This passage talks about vegans, or people who choose not to eat any food product that is derived, in any way, from animals.

Lexile Level: 1290L

Categories: Sports & Health

Some people have a difficult time fathoming a diet that excludes all meat, dairy products, eggs, and any other foods that are derived from animals. However, more and more Americans are choosing a vegan lifestyle. They exist on a diet of vegetables, herbs, grains, beans, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Those choosing the vegan path cite a two-fold argument. On one hand, many vegans take the philosophical stance that the consumption of meat and other animal products has a negative impact on the environment and sometimes leads to the inhumane treatment of animals. Many vegans also claim that their diet provides high levels of antioxidant vitamins, intestine-conditioning fiber, and a plethora of minerals that promote good health. However, regardless of how convincing some find these claims, it is difficult to envision an America that does not have a significant percentage of French fry-loving, burger-snacking citizens.


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