Bugs Bunny

This passage is about the famous cartoon character, Bugs Bunny.

Lexile Level: 530L

Categories: Art & Music

Bugs Bunny is a famous cartoon character. Bugs Bunny is a funny rabbit. His favorite saying is "What's up, doc?" He is often hunted by Elmer Fudd. Elmer Fudd is a hunter in cartoons. Bugs always outsmarts Elmer and gets away. Bugs first appeared in 1940. He first appeared in movies. Short cartoons of Bugs ran before a feature movie in the 1940s. Tex Avery was one of the cartoonists who created Bugs Bunny. Tex Avery created lots of cartoon characters. He was born in 1908. Tex Avery died in 1980. Bugs moved from the movies to TV. He starred in many TV cartoons. Bugs loved carrots. In 1996, Bugs returned to the movies. He starred in the movie "Space Jam." "Space Jam" was a big hit. Basketball player Michael Jordan also starred in "Space Jam." The movie combined real people with cartoons.

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