This passage describes a boy's passion for fishing.

Lexile Level: 680L

Categories: Sports & Health

Everything Alex knew about fishing he had learned from his Uncle Bill. And Alex knew almost everything there was to know about fishing. His Uncle Bill had fished all of his life. When Alex's Uncle Bill was a kid, he would go down to the river and catch catfish with a piece of cheese on the end of his hook. Sometimes he and some friends would hike to a nearby lake. They would dig for worms under the fallen leaves and fish for bluegills and perch. Alex's Uncle Bill almost always caught what he was fishing for. And now, so did Alex. He caught trout. He caught pike. He caught bass. But, just like his Uncle Bill, he enjoyed fishing for walleye most of all. Alex remembered everything his Uncle Bill had taught him about fishing for walleye. And that included being prepared to go home empty-handed, because walleye were sometimes hard to catch.

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