Supreme Court

This passage discusses the job of the Supreme Court.

Lexile Level: 620L

Categories: People & Places

The Supreme Court is the top court in the United States. It has an important role. It makes sure that the government follows the laws of the Constitution. The decisions of this court are final. About 7,500 cases are sent to the Supreme Court each year. But the court only hears about 90 cases each year. The first Supreme Court met in New York City in 1790. The Supreme Court is now based in Washington, DC. The court is made up of nine judges, who are called justices. The justices are chosen by the President. Then the Senate interviews and votes on the President's nominees. This process is important because the justices keep their jobs for life. One justice served for 36 years. All justices must be trained in law. Many were elected officials before they joined the Supreme Court.


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