Green Melvin

This passage is about a boy who does not want to eat his spinach.

Lexile Level: 600L

Categories: Sports & Health

Melvin sat at the kitchen table. He did not want to eat his spinach. His mother told him that spinach would make him strong. His father said that spinach has many vitamins, which would protect him from illness. Melvin said spinach made him ill. Melvin's older sister, Megan, agreed with him. She said spinach had already begun to turn his skin green. Melvin gazed at the skin on his wrist sadly. It had indeed begun to look like a frog's belly. Megan said that he should be grateful. At least he was not the color of a lima bean. Melvin told his parents he would eat neither spinach nor lima beans. He did not want to be any greener. His parents denied that he was green. They continued to tell him that spinach was good for him. Melvin waved his arms before his parents' eyes. He told his mother and father that Megan agreed with him. His parents smiled. Megan would have to eat Melvin's spinach. Although the spinach had grown very cold when Megan left the table, her cheeks had begun to look like lima beans.

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