This passage is about a little boy who almost eats a handful of rocks!

Lexile Level: 610L

Categories: Sports & Health

Rickie was about to stuff a handful of shiny rocks in his mouth, when his mother screamed. She swatted his hand, and the rocks scattered on the concrete. They were seated on a bench beside the playground. Rickie had been planning to keep the rocks in his mouth until they were small enough to swallow. He stared down at the little stones that had taken him so long to collect. His stomach rumbled with hunger. Some of the rocks were sparkly pink. Some were gray. Some were still wet with his saliva. Rickie's eyes began to fill with tears. His mother hugged him and told him that everything would be okay. She said that humans don't eat rocks. She handed him a plastic baggie filled with goldfish crackers to eat instead. Rickie ate his crackers and sniffled.

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