Rain Go Away

This passage is about two children who want it to stop raining so they can go to the town fair.

Lexile Level: 640L

Categories: Adventure

Roger and Sarah could not wait to go to the fair. They had waited all week to ride the Ferris wheel and drive go-carts. When they woke up on the day of the fair and opened their window shades, their smiles turned to frowns. Rain tapped on the window pane, and water ran down the glass. Outside, large drops of rain hit the ground making it wet and muddy. Their parents said they could go to the fair tomorrow when it is dry. Roger and Sarah waited by the window for an hour hoping the rain would stop. They sang a song. They sang, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." But the rain kept falling. The children put on their rain boots, opened their umbrellas, and walked around outside. The flowers and grass stood high and healthy with the fresh rain. Roger and Sarah jumped into puddles, splashing water everywhere. It was not such a bad day after all. The fair was only one day away!


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