The Bunny Slope

This passage is about a girl who attempts to ski down a difficult ski slope instead of sticking with the bunny slope.

Lexile Level: 610L

Categories: Sports & Health Adventure

Elizabeth looked down the ski slope. It seemed steeper from the top than it did from the bottom. She should have stayed on the bunny slope with the beginners, but her brother laughed at her. Elizabeth knew that if she didn't go down the slope, her brother would tease her more. She tipped her skis and started down the hill. She tried to remember how to stop as the trees on the side of the slope went by faster and faster. There was a mogul, a little hill in the middle of the ski slope, and when Elizabeth went over it, her skis left the snow. She was in mid-air. What if she broke her leg? Her skis hit the snow with a thud. She leaned left, and she leaned right. She couldn't believe she was still upright. Elizabeth closed her eyes. When she opened them, she was at the bottom of the hill. Elizabeth sighed and headed back to the bunny slope.

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